We are pleased to introduce 2020's Impact Como Award Recipients

Through your nominations, we are able to recognize these outstanding individuals who give of their time, energy, and passion in service of our community. So often their efforts go unrecognized. Impact COMO provides us the opportunity to share the stories of these individuals, but we can’t do it without your input. 

Larry McDaniel

Most Impactful Executive Director
Coyote Hill
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Barbra Horrell

Most Impactful Board Member
Blind Boone Foundation, Sharp End African American Heritage Trail, COMO 200
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Boone Electric Community Trust

Most Impactful Philanthropic Company
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Lucy Bromer

Most Impactful Staff Member
Safe Families For Children
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Heather Lobough

Most Impactful Volunteer
City of Refuge
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Rock Bridge Lions Club Charity Picnic

Most Impactful Fundraising Event
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