2020 Impact COMO Award Winner

Barbra Horrell

Most Impactful Board Member

Blind Boone Foundation, Sharp End African American Heritage Trail, COMO 200

Honorable Mentions

Clyde Ruffin, John William Boone Foundation
Austin Stidham, The Rainbow House of Mid-Missouri

What do Blind Boone Foundation, the Sharp End African American Heritage Trail, and COMO 200 all have in common? Barbra Horrell serves on the board for all of these organizations. She acts as the co-chair for Sharp End Heritage Committe, the treasurer for the Blind Boone Foundation, and a coordinator for Columbia Public Schools. She’s been a part of the Sharp End Heritage Community and the Blind Boone Foundation for 10 years as she works to help Columbia promote diversity and inclusivity throughout the city and state.

Through Barbra’s time in the organizations she serves, she’s most proud of “the friendships and the information sharing about our new programs,” she says. Barbra’s pride in the Black community of Columbia guides how she serves — a value that remains evident in her goals and achievements for the organizations she’s a part of. Being a part of these organizations even make up her favorite community activities.

Barbra is a Columbia native — a fact that many people might not know about her. She, and the organizations she’s a part of, are also dedicated to working towards making Columbia life inclusive of the Black community.