2020 Impact COMO Award Winner

Rock Bridge Lions Club Charity Picnic

Most Impactful Fundraiser/Event

Honorable Mentions

CoMo Famous, Ragtag Film Society
Company Feud, Job Point

The Rock Bridge Lions Club started in 1982 with a main focus of supporting the needs of Columbia. After news broke that the organizers of the Rock Bridge Picnic had decided to stop having the annual event, The Rock Bridge Lions Club reached out to the organizers and asked for a meeting to learn more about the reasons and concerns regarding the cancellation of the event — it had been part of Columbia’s history since 1969. In the following months, the Rock Bridge Lions Club and its members discussed how to overcome the obstacles and make the picnic a great event once again.

After reaching out to Logboat Brewing Co. for help to find the best location for the picnic, the group then met and decided that Welcome Home would be the charity to partner with and raise awareness for. With a great cause of supporting veterans, an amazing venue and beer (courtesy of Logboat), and CoMo Smoke and Fire as the delicious food sponsor, the revival of the picnic has been a success. And this year, the Annual Rock Bridge Lions Club Charity Picnic celebrated its third annual event.

President of the Rock Bridge Lions Club Sandy McCann says, “It has been a great partnership with Welcome Home, making this fun event one of Columbia’s greatest events.”

Michelle Vogt, Welcome Home’s fundraising and events manager, adds: “It continues to amaze me how great our community is and how we all rally around a cause. These folks have partnered with us to make a difference, and they truly have.”

Michelle credits the community and the constant support for being able to serve the veterans in the community.