2020 Impact COMO Award Winner

Lucy Bromer

Most Impactful Staff Member

Safe Families For Children

Honorable Mentions

Thom Lutz, Job Point
Lori Stoll, City of Refuge

“There is no greater accomplishment than seeing lives changed or inspired to create change,” Lucy Bromer, program coordinator for Safe Families for Children says. Two years ago, Lucy began her journey with Safe Families for Children as a volunteer. Just eight months ago, she joined the staff in her role as Safe Families for Children coordinator.

In her position, Lucy works alongside both volunteers and families in crisis. She helps volunteers find their place within the organization and assists them as they get connected with services. She also acts as a liaison and support for the volunteer host families within the organization as they welcome kids into their homes and offer them a safe space while their parents work towards stability.

“My family was a host family, so I am very passionate about helping volunteers use their gifts and making sure they feel cared for and supported while volunteering,” Lucy says.

She also gets to work alongside the parents that call in and need help — a responsibility she is honored to have, as she gets to encourage and empower them as they work towards stability for their families. Lucy’s Christian values guide her life and how she serves. They guide her to love others and work hard for the families she serves.

Safe Families for Children’s main goal for the future, Lucy explains, is to help as many families as possible in Columbia and Mid-Missouri. She explains: “To do that, we also must continue to equip and train volunteers and connect with local agencies, so more people know we are here and ready to serve.”

The volunteers for Safe Families for Children and the generous support of Boone County Children’s Services Fund and other donors are vital to the success of the nonprofit. Lucy says: “We are so grateful that so many in our community see the value of Safe Families for Children.”