2022 Impact COMO Award Winner

Veterans United Foundation

Most Impactful Philanthropic Company

Veterans United Foundation

Honorable Mention

Boone Electric Community Trust

Last year the Veterans United Foundation celebrated their 10-year anniversary, and what better way to celebrate than giving away $10 million to more than 100 nonprofit organizations. 

“We gave our Veterans United employees (who are our donors) $10 million to spend in their local communities. Not only was this impact enormous for those who received grants, but it directly connected our coworkers with the mission of the Foundation and the reason they contribute part of their paychecks to the Veterans United Foundation,” says Erik Morse, president of Veterans United Foundation.

Just a few of the many local nonprofits who have benefited from the Veterans United Foundation; True North of Columbia – $1.2 million; North Village Art District – $231,530; Rainbow House – $1 million; Welcome Home – $286,000;  Job Point – $575,000. Veterans United Foundation has also pledged $1.3 million to the Columbia Housing Authority.

Erik says what excites him about working in the nonprofit sector in Columbia is the collaboration, “Somehow we have more than our fair share of brilliant hearts and minds in this small (but still large) community. We’re loaded. And the more everyone is collaborating and working together on making Columbia better for everyone who lives here, the more that becomes evident.”