Sherri Cawley

2023 Impact COMO Award Winner

Sherri Cawley

Most Impactful Volunteer

Heart of Missouri CASA

Honorable Mentions

Teri Wiederstein, Habitat for Humanity ReStore

Sophia Piral, First Chance for Children 

Sherri Cawley has worked with Heart of Missouri CASA for a little over two years providing services to children in the foster care system as a court appointed special advocate. 

“There is so much chaos and transition in the foster care system. We get to provide that calm and consistency that all children need and deserve,” Cawley says. 

Laura Bragg tells stories about three siblings that Sherri is the CASA volunteer for, especially about the oldest child, E. 

“In an overburdened system, being willing to show up can make a world of difference. Sherri helps bring stability and calm to many stressful circumstances,” Bragg says. “Sherri is constantly bringing normalcy to E’s childhood. She brings big smiles and hugs and stories. She has attended school family days, showed up to offices with pizza and to sit with E while he waits to find out where he will sleep that night, and drove all the way to St. Louis to help him transition to new places. Most recently, when E found out he would be changing homes, his only question for his case manager was, ‘Will I still be able to see and talk to my CASA when I move?’ Sherri was there to give him the ‘Yes’ he needed to hear in that moment.” 

Cawley says she is guided by empathy and compassion. 

“I have consistent interaction with the children and spend that time getting to know everything I can about them,” she explains. “I ensure that their needs are being met and that they are receiving the services they need and deserve. I listen to the children. I take back to the court all the information I have gathered as well as the child’s wishes and make recommendations based on what will facilitate the children’s safety and well-being.” 

Cawley ensures the voices of the children she represents are heard and that she shows up for them, traveling more than 1,400 miles in the past two years to provide stability and make a difference in their lives.