2018 most philanthropic providence bank

2018 Impact COMO Award Winner

Providence Bank

Most Philanthropic Company

Providence Bank

Honorable Mentions

Visionworks Marketing Group
Veterans United Home Loans

Over the past decade, philanthropy and corporate social responsibility have become a fundamental part of company culture. The companies who do the most good are those who are intentional and active in their efforts. At Providence Bank, philanthropy extends beyond numerical value. “It’s not just writing a check, but showing up and being there and being a part of it,” says Columbia Market President Eric Morrison.

Providence Bank’s community initiatives stem from core company values, one of which is respect. The bank strives to respect its community and client base; giving back and staying involved are the ways in which the bank translates this value.

“Our efforts are more than things we have to do,” says Eric. “Like so many businesses in Columbia, we want to be part of initiatives that improve the quality of life for everyone. The legacy of corporate giving and service in Columbia is a significant pride point for our city.”

Eric has found that the employees at Providence Bank also share in this sense of pride. Knowing that their company has invested time and talent in their community is something that is meaningful to them.

Providence Bank began its efforts by searching for a way to make a meaningful impact in the community. As a lender, the bank has seen firsthand the needs of those in the community with low to moderate income. As a result, the bank has focused its philanthropy on affordable housing initiatives. Along with the Columbia Community Land Trust and the City of Columbia, Providence Bank helped to execute the building of seven new single-family homes on Lynn Street.

Due to this success, Providence Bank plans to continue work with the Columbia Community Land Trust in 2019 to build several more homes on Eighth Street.