2022 Impact COMO Award Winner

Catherine Armbrust

Most Impactful Volunteer

CoMo Mobile Aid Collective

Honorable Mentions

Sarah Greenlee, Kindness and Inclusion Programs,
Columbia Public Schools
Greg Grupe, Heart of Missouri United Way / Boone County Children’s Services Board

Starting in 2018 as JB Mobile Soup Kitchen, CoMo Mobile Aid Collective has expanded their initiative to deliver direct mutual aid to marginalized citizens of Columbia with care and dignity.

In addition to building upon their mission, CoMAC has grown their available resources to include emergency seasonal assistance, meals, camping supplies, transportation to medical appointments, pet assistance, heaters, supplemental water and cooking fuel, and a first-aid clinic at Loaves & Fishes.

One of the major leading forces behind CoMO Mobile Aid Collective is Catherine Armbrust. Catherine credits many with her and before her for the continued growth and support. 

“I would not be able to physically, or emotionally do this work without the support of our wonderful team. Our core members (Dirk Burhans, Kelsie Smith, Stephanie Yoakum, Melissa MacGowan, Margaret McConnell, Gayle Link Chang, and Heidi Bennet) keep each other on track with humor and love. We also have a fantastic community of cooks, supply donors, financial donors, and other volunteers that keep us running,” Catherine says. 

“Cat recently presented a strong argument to our Columbia City Council members asking for their support to offer these folks a place to rest, a place to eat, rerouting bus routes so they can get to places like the social security office and to simply treat them with respect as human beings,” Melody Whitworth says. “Cat is a strong voice for the unsheltered, displaced members of our community and is making a huge impact on this ever growing issue.”

 “I really appreciate being able to connect with folks who have varying, but similar goals to CoMAC,” Catherine says. “I continue to learn so much from them and our team. It really reinforces the fact that it takes a holistic perspective to assist folks. We must work together as a community! None of us are in this alone.”