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The Atrium 
November 7, 2019

Meet the Impact COMO 2019 Winners

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Congratulations to the

2019 Impact Como recipients

The 2019 Impact Como luncheon took place on November 7th at the Atrium on Tenth. The recipients and honorable mentions represented more than 15 community organizations.

We All Want to Help

Sometimes it can be hard to know how or where our efforts are best directed. The Impact Como directory was created as a guide to the nonprofit organizations in Columbia, Mo. We encourage you to browse the directory, and support their efforts toward enriching our community.

Inspiring Our Community

Not a week goes by that we aren’t in some way influenced or inspired by one of our local nonprofits. From the volunteers and staff members, to the philanthropy of our community’s companies, we are constantly overwhelmed by the charitable spirit that resides in Columbia.

The men and women leading these efforts are courageous, tenacious, and passionate. They accomplish so much with so little. It is our heart at COMO to honor their generosity by doing what we do best — telling their stories.

About Impact COMO

We created Impact COMO in 2018 as an effort to honor these philanthropic efforts of our community. Whether you have a favorite organization or have been personally affected by an outstanding individual, we encourage you to submit your nomination in the following categories of Most Impactful: philanthropic organization, fundraiser, executive director, staff member, board member, or volunteer.

Through your nominations, we have been able to recognize these outstanding individuals who give their time, energy, and passion in service to our community. So often their efforts go unrecognized. Impact COMO provides us the opportunity to share the stories of these individuals. Visit our nonprofit directory to find out how you, too, can support the work of these individuals and organizations throughout the year. 

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Nominations close August 23rd.

Thank you for nominating for 2019’s Impact COMO awards! Nominations are now closed.